Unjoining objects

Hi All

Could someone help get me out of a jam here please.

I have made an object (screw) from 3 components, and at some point I must have joined them into 1 object.

My problem is I can’t now seem to separate the individual components.

I’ve tried ‘Alt P’ without success & I’ve searched through the Common Problems sticky.

Just need some kind person to point me in the right direction.

Please see attached images.

Many thanks.


Select all vertices and press P and separate by loose parts, then set their origins from the toolshelf in object mode

Hi Richard

Thanks for the reply.

Well I think I selected all Vertices (Shift+A) but pressing P doesn’t seem to do anything.


Are you using the default blender shortcuts ? Shift+A does NOT select all vertices by default (the shortcut is A). If you are using custom shortcuts then you will have to use your custom shortcut for separate. If you decided not to use the defaults then you must know what that is, look in the user preferences or the Mesh menus

So sorry! I’m just using A.

Mesh / Vertices / Separate menu.
Show us the menu that pops up, supply a link to your blend file
Show us what pieces you are trying to separate so we know 100% what is in your mind without guessing

O.K. Thanks for that.

The ‘Mesh/Vertices/Separate/Separate by loose parts’ did the trick. (And set origins in toolshelf).

All 3 components are now separated.

supply a link to your blend file

Sorry. Not sure how to do this.

Show us what pieces you are trying to separate so we know 100% what is in your mind without guessing

I thought the numbering (1, 2 & 3) had indicated this on my 1st attachment?


Let’s assume your screw is well done and has no loose parts you could exploit.
In edit mode, wireframe view, vertices for selection and nothing selected - B box select part marked by red “1” and press P - Selection.
Repeat on conical part marked “3”.
Out in Object mode, you have 3 objects: top, middle and bottom.

Oh, well…

Here I completely described about unjoining mesh in blender. How beginners have alot confusion to learn the blender the blender is easy to learn but need complete attention to blender.