Unkle sam war poster (warning: critical of army, possible flame war)

(shadowbane) #1

Ok, here are couple of versions of an anti-war poster I made. It is, as you can tell a parody to the famous recruitment poster.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

http://uploader.polorix.net//files/379/Unclesamwantyou.jpg http://uploader.polorix.net//files/379/Unclesamwantyoucloth.jpg

Both done in the GIMP


(superkoop) #2

On the one with the canvas applied, it would look a lot nicer if you roughened up the perfectly symmetrical edges.
(I’m not going to even bother commenting on the message of it.)


(shadowbane) #3

Is this better? Thanks for not comenting on the content, and not starting a flame war :slight_smile:
Edges done is Photoshop, as the school computers don’t have the Gimp



(superkoop) #4

That goes a little bit too far, (and there are bits of paper not attached to the actual paper anymore). What I had in mind was something similar to this
Where the edges were more wrinkled to match the canvas. I personally never use the canvas in GIMP or any other program because it doesn’t give me very good results. I just make it myself.

(Sorry for the poor image quality, it was just a quick google image search. And sorry for not being more clear the first time.:))


(CubOfJudahsLion) #5

Both canvas effects are too severe. The painting (effect) is pretty decent…

Sorry if I offended anyone.
No, no, you failed to follow the etiquette of written offense: you have to wait for someone to be really pissed off before issuing your pre-planned apology :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

By the way… if you’re out to provoke someone, are you really a pacifist? :wink: