Unknown Forces

Now Starting Unknown Forces Indie Video Game Company

I need

A Python coder, with blender and unreal game engine experience, and a 2d/graphics artist/3d Uv mapper, and potentially a writer, the first game will have differed pay,

I have- A gameplay mechanics concept,A story, A world, An enemy force, Some characters, Inventions I wish to add to the story. Some models, Some working AI’s, Some Skeletal animation and Non-keyframed animation chains,

Lets make a game!

Please submit your Demo-reel or portfolio or a sample game, no resumes accepted, WORK SPEAKS :slight_smile:

Begining work on first three levels for demo, I need a coder, but I can do it myself :frowning:

More images,

Large Stacks

Google Plus Page
Still active in making game models, enemies and levels, I need help!

Logo Animation Test

This is to link to google+