unknown input device for game development

hey guys!its been a while since ive been here and i admit a little bit i was sick of cg but despite pctopgs is back!

wat the hec nobody knew me back then anyways.

ok,want want u to watch this vid:

right after u see marcus shootig with his gun u c sum1 (real person fell down as if he has been shot dead.the guy is wearing an input device which i think record the ipo movements of the gut to a character.does any1 know wat input device that is?

a mocap suit. Pretty standard. You see there are little sensor ball things all over teh wall behind him. The computer tracks sensors all over his suit in relation to the little balls int eh background and it spits out a 3D representation of the movement that’s nothing but the points where the sensors are. The points on the suit are basically used to represent the joints in the armature for a 3D model. They did Smeagol (Gollum) in the LOTR movies the same way… check out the second DVD set, there’s a whole “Making of Gollum” hour and a half long documentary where they go into all the specifics of motion capture and how they had to clean it up and stuff.

If you’re looking for specific manufacturer of the suit, you’d be better off looking in the game credits or manual or just e-mail them. Some games list that sort of technical stuff in the credits.

Hereis a great adjustable walk cycle viewer that uses the same techniques of recording and then displaying the results. You can view just the points recorded or connect them with sticks.

…thx alot…