Unknown Location -1 (PSK/PSA script error)

Hey guys,

I am trying to export my rigged human model using the unreal PSK/PSA exporter in blender, but when I do I get an error in the console that looks like this:

RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison

location:<unkown location>:-1

location:<unkown location>:-1
BLI_dynstr_append text too long or format error.

I have not a clue what that means, but it happens with a lot of my models. I occasionally get one to export fine, but later on the same error happens, so I am assuming it is something I did to the model(?). The mesh was imported as a .OBJ with just the mesh. I rigged it up with a basic rig and made sure the vertex groups matched the number of bones (Which would give me another error anyways). Is anybody else having this problem, and would I be better off trying to export it as a FBX?

Thanks for taking a look

Okay, so I just tried it with other versions of blender and got other (Possibly just as bad) results.
Version from first post was 2.63.
2.62: Same error but takes less time to load and shows up in the console differently

IndexError: List out of range

location:<unknown location>:-1

location:<unknown location>:-1

2.61: Successfully exports PSK and PSA, but the mesh faces are invisible, and I get this error in UDK: Warning skeletal mesh has no vertex influences.

I tried all versions on both 32 bit and 64 bit. I also tried moving the actual file from desktop to my documents to random folders in my documents, thinking it might be the actual location that was giving it an error, but got the same results.

Finally solved!

For anybody with this error, in my case I needed to have a single material, a single texture (I was test exporting it without materials/textures), and it needs to be a single armature and a single mesh.