Unknown Pixels in Renderimage

Helo :slight_smile:
I’ve downloaded this head and imported it in my blender program. I made some changes (removed the body) and gave the head colors. Everything is great, but when I render the image, I get unknown distortions especially in the eyes!

Here you see the head in blender when I edit it. The eyes are perfekt.
But when I render the image, I get this:

Now I discovered this: When I change the color of the Iris from “surface” to “halo” I see this strange model in blender:

There are only points and even points of the body which i removed already! What does this mean? And why is this effect only working with the color of Iris?

Can somebody explain me that? Thx alot in advance!! :slight_smile:

Look closer at the mesh in edit mode.

and you got points because halo matrials effects on vertices.

Sorry, but I didnt get that :frowning:

I can only see this points when I give Iris halo material. But I dont do this! So everything is ok, until I render a picture. And why is material effecting when there is even no mesh (body)? How can I stopp this? I just want a rendered picture like in edit mode.

Upload your blend file to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/ so everyone else can see what you have.

Ok, I’ve uploaded my file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/15934

I discovered news! When I go to the camera settings -> shading and I EITHER deactivate shadows OR ray-tracing, the picture gets perfekt! :slight_smile: But this is not usable, because then I have no more good quality… :confused:

The next I discovered is, that there is a shape over the eye with material “Cornea”. This shall be the reflecting shape of the eye and mostly transparent - but it isnt for me! I tried to just delete it, but it doesnt work, always is something left or I get holes…

I made an error while deleting the body! I thought: X and then “edges & faces” is enough to delete totally - but it isnt! There are points left (vertexes). So I have to delete the vertexes as well.