Unknown shade on the letter


I would like to ask you. I have problem with shade (reflect) on the letter. There are three emission planes. No plane made this shade on the model. My english is poor and I don’t know how to find this problem here on this forum. Thank you very much if you look at this or give me the link to study this problem.

Here is the blend file https://uloz.to/!5tbEEeTr9/alphabet-gold-zip


Hi Viastas,

Add Simple Subdivision to the letter. Use enough number of subdivs.

Thank you very very much.

This is a smoothing error (= you’re using smooth shading across large flat areas with right angles).

Adding 5 levels of Subsurf seems a bit overkill, when an Edge Split modifier with a slight adjustment of the split angle will do the same trick…:wink:

IkariShinji, nice recommendation;) I will remember it too.

Great… Thank you