Unknown Strange Problem with Mesh Modelling

Good time, dear blenderartists!

I have problem with mesh modeling. This problem, I see, has global character. There is a scene. It contains few object. Once, named “Forma”, contains a trouble. I turn it into EDIT MODE, and it becomes invisible. I make “center new” in OBJECT MODE, and “Forma” becames removed. Whats a trouble?

Thank You for help me.


Forma.blend (136 KB)

First, increase the 3d view clip distance. View / View Properties.

Then select your objects and reset scale to 1 (Ctrl+A / 1)



Thank You so much! Solution complete. But encountered new problem - with UV. I do “Mesh -> UV Unwrap” with “Forma”, and Blender crashes.

Forma1.blend (36.9 KB)
There were some weird points.
Selected each vertex in edit mode, P to separate to form a new object. Should unwrap without crashing.


Thank You! Now its OK! Whats really weird vertices… Strange secret. Thank You once more!