Unknown Texture problem

This is my first time useing blender artist and I am fairly use to the program but for some unknown reason when ever I go into play mode. I can see into my character and I can’t find a solution. I will post pictures of the problem and a link to file below and thanks for takeing the time to read this.

Object mode

Play mode

File Link

Simple fix:

You need to recalculate your normals. Select the mesh, go into edit mode, on the tool box to the left of the view port hit the Normals: Recalculate button.

Hope that helped.

Recalculateing the normals didn’t work. I can still see inside my character when I’m in play mode.

Your UV-unwrap is somehow corrupted, a workaround is to create a new uv-unwrap and perhaps bake in the old uv-unwrap. Strange enough exporting to .obj and importing didn’t resolve the issue, while deleting and creating a new uv-unwrap did.