unlimited planar reflections & refraction (update)

(klauser) #201

Many thanks Martinsh for sharing this. It works perfectly on a GTX-580, including the lovely dripping water shader.

Your graphics card is only about as powerful as onboard graphics chips in the new intel CPU’s, so I wouldn’t expect much from it. Also I’m not sure there’s any HDR shader or anything in the blend, so maybe its fine.

(martin.hedin) #202

Wow! Thanks Martinsh for sharing! This is one dense blend with resources, alot to learn from!

EDIT: I DO see the sunflare, all things works great, it seems a bit slow, but I might be fooled by the mouselook. I will try to introduce the Mousemove script to compare!

EDIT2: This is the best looking sky and water ever. Not even Crysis or any other comes close to this!

EDIT3: Is this suppose to work with the standalone? The reflections do not work, nor the water dripplets on the screen.

(HG1) #203

@ SamCammeron.
I also have a GTX460 and everithing works fine except the sunflare if the sun is down.
I think you need to update your graphic card driver.

The shader running with 124 fps and with the water droplets on the lens 87 fps and after the water view seconds 101 fps.

(isyedcg) #204

the other .blends from Martins that had HDR…and i can run Tomb Raider at very high settings at 720p at 30 fps…so i dont think its my GPU’s problem…and yes its as good as my CPU i5 3210… lol :smiley:

(BumGravy) #205

thanks for putting up the file. this is outrageously cool

(Richcolburn) #206

Has anyone tried to make a runtime with this yet? I’m getting the grid showing instead of the water plane.
Any thoughts?

Also, I have to say it’s the most amazing water shader I’ve ever seen.

(martinsh) #207

here is also a blendswap link (will be active whenever moderators check it):

I have not yet looked into runtime issue. it seems like there is an error in texture rendering code, the shader runs fine.

HG1 - the glare of the sun really depends on the brightness of the sun-disk and as lower it goes less bright is sun in my demo. I tried to increase it a bit using dynamic tresholding, so when sun is lower the blur is applied to less bright areas as well, but there are too many variables to make it perfect. So it is not an error :slight_smile:

If any of you are having some errors in console, feel free to post them here. I will do my best to fix them.

(pqftgs) #208


Python script error - object 'water', controller 'Python':
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "watertexture.py", line 6, in <module>
ImportError: No module named 'bpy'

Go to watertexture.py and remove import bpy (line 6)

(martinsh) #209

Thanks for looking into this :slight_smile: I updated the blend file.

(Akira_San) #210

With my geforce 9500 gt i get 22fps, but the logic is on 95%

(martinsh) #211

Same for me. The demo is more CPU intensive than on GPU. The impact on rasterizer is minimal so the shader itself is actually very fast, but the scripts that fetch the reflection/refraction texture are run on CPU thus slowing things down. I wish there would be a faster way (through GPU?) to get reflection textures. Maybe reducing the texture size the performance might increase on slower computers.

(pit73) #212

hi Martinsh!
I like your work very much! What about integrate/mixing your work into the next plan of evolution of gameBlenderEngine? 2.7 // 2.8
Have you talk about your research with Ton?
A+ Pit

(Akira_San) #213

martinsh, thanks for the explanation.

(pitibonom) #214

this work is just awesome !!!

I had an eye in the various blend shaders/scripts but didn’t find out how is achieved the deeper blue from water thickness.
Is there somewhere an explanation on how to do this ? or mebe a lil word from the author ? :wink:
On my machine the scene runs at 10fps. So it’s kinda useless for realtime except on bigger machines, but at least the ideas and
the principles are there :wink:

thanks for this work !

(3dmedieval) #215

Windows 8, Nvidia GTX650 TI, Intel I5 = 60fps, trying to go beyond (I must have it limited somewhere, or Blender does). Outstanding.

(HG1) #216

Windows 8, Nvidia GTX650 TI, Intel I5 = 60fps, trying to go beyond (I must have it limited somewhere, or Blender does). Outstanding.

You must deactivate “Use Frame Rate” under “System” in the “Render” panel.
And you must deactivate Vsync in your grafik card driver.

(cdo1955) #217

Can you switch to other cameras in the scene? When I do everything goes wacky. Typically I view my player from several different cameras. Is there a way to do this inside the demo? Thanks

(martin.hedin) #218

Check what settings the main camera has in Game Logic, copy the script Watershader_high for each one of your cameras and check the scripts for other dependencies that might break when you switch camera.

(cdo1955) #219

Thanks that seems to do the trick.

(mandango) #220

Hi, how can I try this awesome example with textures in the ground, instead of the grid? Some trick to avoid th script effects over them (like the transparency…) ?