unlimited planar reflections & refraction (update)

(HG1) #101

Du you have updatet your graphic card driver to the latest version?
Which MAC OSX version did you use?
Which Nvidia graphic card did you use?

(Yoda Almighty) #102

10.7 lion
NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

(Ace Dragon) #103

This workaround might not be needed anymore in Blender builds starting from today due to a new fix from Benoit.

Now if we can get any changes needed to keep the shader intact when the scene restarts. :slight_smile:

(HG1) #104

@ Ace Dragon. Yes I have reported this bug and Benoit Bolsee (ben2610) has fixeded it in revision 44225.

@ Yoda Almighty. I don’t have a Mac for testing. I will try to find a student, who will lend me his laptop.

(Yoda Almighty) #105

I don’t think it’s a mac/windows issue. I’m pretty sure it’s more to do with the graphics card. I dual boot windows 7, and when I tried the blend on the windows side, I had the same error.

although feel free to check anyway, it will be nice to verify if this is the OS or not.

(bankbaa) #106

work well for me.
Edit: sorry I’ve forget to change letterbox to scale


(DanielJunior) #107

mother of god! xD

(Karakasimov) #108

Looks just awesome as always:).

(bankbaa) #109

I use official 2.61 it work fine on blender and blender player with HG1 fix too.

(musikai) #110

I tried it again and found out: it works without uv textures but not with. With textures I get the “reflection behind/above”.

The 32bit Blender build from HG1 works with textures (but the blenderplayer crashes)

(lluc) #111

it is not working for me, i get a black plane in all the blend files.
my config:
laptop asus g74 sx
gtx 560 m

(lluc) #112

also :
i use the last blender release the 2.62

(lluc) #113

Ok, reading more this tread, some person talk about problem in blender 2.62
In fact, installing back blender 2.61 and all work fine.

sorry for mi english.

(aswtor) #114

This is too beautiful for the Game Engine. Remove it for sheer blasphemy.

(bankbaa) #115

stand alone version

(martinsh) #116

a simple fix by Dalai seems to make it work for 2.62:

finishing the ocean demo, btw :wink:

(leonnn) #117

This is great martinsh, this is the best water shading that I saw for blender, as allways is amazing, thanks for share!

(theShadow) #118

This is just awesome.

BTW, I figured out how to add an almost HDRish effect to the light reflected off the water. add a plane with a completely black texture right below the waters surface, set to “add”. It takes some tweaking, but you can achieve some cool effects with it.

here’s a nice, natural scene I made with this.

(Magnum Opus) #119

Looks really good. The only bug I had was that the reflections were appearing in the wrong direction for these objects:

All of the other ones worked. I don’t know if the problem happens on other systems (I can’t tell from your screenshots), but I’m on intel Mac running nvidia 9600m. I didn’t really stop to figure it out, but it seems to be all the objects that are partially submerged. The reflections are oriented correctly on all the objects that are either completely out of the water, or completely under water. Just in case you feel in the mood for bug fixing…

Really awesome effect though. It would be cool if you could make it work with animated normal map textures instead of just scrolling. Either way, you are definitely on the cutting edge of graphic design. The shots from your ocean shader look better than any commercial game I’ve seen.

(crichards) #120

Hey there,

Just wanted to pop in to mention something. I originally downloaded the water surface blend and opened it in 2.62 official release and got the same dark, opaque surfaces that some seem to be getting. Last night I decided to try out the build with subsurface scattering for BGE. Right now I opened the water surface blend in this new build and everything seems to work accordingly, compared to the screenshot. I had no need to fidget with anything in the build or the blend. I hope this might clear up some confusion as to which hardware has what capabilities.

I’m using an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 (Go figure…)

I also want to thank martinsh & friends for constantly pushing the envelope. I apologize for my inability to find the link to the resources.