unlimited planar reflections & refraction (update)

(MrPutuLips) #141

Download the new 2.63a (http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/). It fixes the rotation errors. If you are currently using that, then I don’t know why the mouse is going crazy.

(martinsh) #142

I should mention known issues and bugs so far.

  • OpenGL clipping not working or some GPUs (nvidia I guess), so it looks like in skycooler’s screenshot
  • Moselook goes crazy on some Blender versions, but works fine in others. In latest svn version it works fine.
  • some has reported that sun grabbing is not working, but it is a logic brick setup… so it is a Blender bug or something.
  • and for some it does not open the file at all…

(skykooler) #143

Confirmed that I do have an nVidia card.

(Mike4Linux) #144

Very cool. I was thinking about making some surf game. Could I use that for a start? Any licence restrictions? How could I make huge waves for surfing?
Thanks, seems I need to learn Blender game engine…altough I know Blender already.

(Siegel) #145

wow you never cease to amaze awesome work martinsh, anyone else having trouble downloading from the dropbox links? :frowning:

(adb) #146

Fantastic !

I can’t seem to get the “tweakables” to give big waves. Foam would be nice too !

(soldieroscar) #147

Great work. I have the latest version 2.63a. Crashed on opening attempt. Started new project, imported your scene. Default camera comes out dark w just a few blue wave reflections visible. Switched to watercam, and i can see ground, sun, and underwater. Cant see thru water or get reflection/refraction.

(JuicyVitamin) #148

That is some delicious water mate!
Really, with stuff like that and some performance- and usability improvements, BGE could be something big.

Btw. I got only black water. But when I dive into the ocean it works, just without the caustics.
Guess my Nvidia 9400m is simply too old for that fancy shader :smiley:

(Quacky) #149

This is by far the coolest game graphics demo in blender ever.

(NinjAcademy) #150

I used the demo and it worked outstandingly fast for such a nice-looking shader. Blender game engine will now be one of the most awesome open source engines! (or the most awesome probably) Keep it up!

(theShadow) #151

what causes that dark effect around the edges? all I know is it does it for anything submerged under the water.

(GraphiX) #152

Download the new 2.63a (http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/). It fixes the rotation errors. If you are currently using that, then I don’t know why the mouse is going crazy.

I’m pretty sure I was using 2.63, but oh well. I did use it on another computer and it worked fine. Maybe it’s just my computer, or I need the new svn.

(chrix) #153

First of all, thank you Martinsh this is really outstanding and inspiring work! I would really like to use this in a VR demo I’ll be doing at the end of the month, but unfortunately I cannot get the last demo (ie. the one with submersion) to run. When blender opens all I see is a wireframe (even though the viewport is on textured mode) and nothing shows up when I run the game. I’ve attached a screenshot. Any ideas? Do I need a special build for this?



(chrix) #154

Resolved the issue by installing the latest build (2.64 from http://download.blender.org/release/) - was using the 2.63a (May 10th) release before.

(David_M) #155

Amazing work. I have a question about the underwater fog. Is it your own interpretation or is it based on any ‘empirical’ study?

(cdo1955) #156

Can the water effect be seen through a camera that I add to the demo. Dosen’t seem to work for me. If the effect only works through the watercam how would you change point of view to another player in a game?

(PlanetKiller) #157

I am rendered speechless.

(martin.hedin) #158

Would using gl_ClipDistance help solving the clipping problem?


(martin.hedin) #159

The clipping plane is not working on Nvidia, Blender 2.64.

Is this still about the bug in GLSL 1.20: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=30262&group_id=9&atid=306

Or has GLSL 1.30 been implemented in 2.64? In that case you would have to redo the clipping using gl_clipdistance, correct?

(HG1) #160

Moguri has committed the ClipPlane patch (NVIDIA) as r52523.