UNLINK and Object disappears

I’m experimenting with an Object (mesh) and went to UNLINK it so any changes wouldn’t propagate to {anywhere}. This object was c/p’d from another Scene in the same project.

The Object immediately disappeared. Why would UNLINK behave in this manner?

Unlink means “unlink from this scene”. Naturally, if there was only one link, it’ll disappear. It seems you want to make single user instead, which you can find in the Object → Relations menu.

Or e.g. like this:

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How would “Unlink” differ from Deleting something from a Scene? I’m trying to understand the concepts behind the workflow.

That is: In what cases would you not use Delete but would use Unlink?

I believe if you unlik, the object is still in the blend file but not in the scene. As you can have multiple scene in one blend file

At least that is what i think it is

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Okay. Is this one of those situations where it gets purged next time you reload the file if it has zero users?

If you Unlink it from a given Scene, I assume it remains in the Outliner “Data API” display mode so there’s some way to access/use it.