Unlink duplicated stripes in NLA-editor ??

Hi all,
I have Shift-D a stripe in the NLA-editor and grab it several frames to the right.
Now I realized that these two stripes are linked… So when editing one of them the other one is also edited.
Is it possible to unlink them ?
Thank you

There have been some changes here for 2.71 (see http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.71/Animation#Tools)

  1. The old Shift-D behaviour you mention here has been moved to Alt-D. Shift-D in 2.71 should create new actions which aren’t related to the old ones anymore
  2. There’s a new “make local” operator (UKEY) which can be used to make sure that a strip is the only one which uses a particular action (the other strips get new copies)

In older versions, trying to do this was admittedly very difficult (actually, it was close to impossible via the UI; it might have still been possible via Python though)

Thanks Aligorith,
it did look like a Alt-D indeed. So I will downlooad 2.71 (was using 2.70) and will have to delete the duplicated stripe and redo it independently.
Thanks again

Some more about this.
Using 2.71 it still seems that Shif-D is a lot like Alt-D for stripes. But when selecting the stripe to unlink and press ‘U’ then you can make it ‘single user’.
Hope this help