Unlink text movement from audio

Hi there,
I’m really new to blender, I actually just started using it today. I’m usually pretty good at using software like this but I underestimated the difficulty of the tutorial I was trying to follow.

Anyways, I hit a problem towards the end of the tutorial and I think it was something to do with rooting light rays to the audio, and I think I linked my text to the audio instead of the light rays I made or something like that because my text seems to be locked and i cant add other keyframes on to it.

Basically what is happening is that the keyframes i made on the text disappeared and now instead of moving with the keyframes my text spazzes/pulses randomly with the bass of the music.

Here’s a screenshot:

Thanks to whoever might read this and help me out

Hey tomseath,

Not exactly sure what you’re saying, so just throwing this out there. But my suggestion would be to select your text and go into the Graph Editor, check your curves on that. I think what might be happening is that it’s being rotated (or scaled or transformed) way too much, between each keyframe (so it would appear like it’s spazzing out).

It’s hard to tell without your file, or a link to the tutorial you’re using.