if you got 25 objects lined together

so when you look at the material you see only one name with only one user

which is very strange?

cause there are 25 objects how come ?

but here it’s possible that the material and ob is linked?

and how do you unlink some of the objects to form antoher type of material


If all 25 objects are linked to the one material, then in the Material buttons in the tab marked ‘Links and Pipeline’ you should see the materials name, and next to that the number of objects linked to the material (followed by an X a car etc…) clicking on this number will create a new material on the selected object.

By default the Material is assigned to the ME Datablock.
If you have 25 objects as instances linked to one Mesh, the Material will just have one user.
You can link the Material to the Objects by pressing the OB Button instead of the ME Button in the Links and Pipeline Panel


ok but what is the difference between linking mat and ob?

and if i click on the X in material panel all the material goes away cause it’s linked

but not certain if it is link ob or mat!

so my questions is hoe do you unlink from mat or ob to ad a new mat ?


Press X to unlink the Material.
Then activate the OB button and Add a new Material.
This Material will override any Material added with the ME button activated and will only be part of this object, nevertheless all other linked objects share the same Mesh.

This way you can give all linked objects different Materials.