unlinking actions?

One thing thats always annoyed me is how cluttered my action editor will get when animating long sequences. I’ve never understood how to control this:

For instance, I create a new action, and later decide I no longer need it. I remove it from the object I’m using the action on by pressing the “X” to the right of the drop down menu in the action editor. But it always stays there!!! >_<

Someone once told me that it’s because it must still be linked to other objects somehow, otherwise blender would dispose of it on the next load… But it always stays. I look at the “outliner” panel, but don’t really grasp it’s power.

This part of Blender’s interface has frustrated me… It’s not the most intuitive aspect of the software, but I’m guessing if someone could explain this to me it would probably clear up a lot of other things too.

Plz help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Actions get a Fake User by default. That’s because you have to unlink (X) the current action to make an empty, new one (If you don’t it duplicates the current one) and it’ll be lost if you then save…

To delete hit Shft-F4 and backspace (click the double white dots) to the Actions Library. Select the ones you want to delete with RMB (turn blue), hit F to remove the Fake User, close the window and Save and Reopen the file.


God thanks Fligh … Spent the entire evening trying to figure out how to do this … “Shft-F4 and backspace” … like that bed time story my mother used to tell me … “Shft-F4 and backspace and then the wicked witch turned into to stone …”

hm, not sure I followed those instructions… shft+f4+backspace? from where? the actions editor? all that’s doing for me is opening up the file browser panel. White dots?

Sorry to be difficult but I don’t follow.

Shift-F4 from anywhere opens the “Data Browser” (which at first glance looks like the file browser). By backspace he means if you don’t see Action in the list, you may have to click the “” to go one level higher in the data hierarchy.

The is an ancient Unix convention.

ooooo I see now. Thanks for clearing that up, yeah I didn’t realize that it wasn’t just the file browser. Now I see.