Unlinking all ipos for all the objects on the scene

Hi, I’ve got multiple objects (hell of a lot) sharing the same ipo, and I want to unlink it to any object. Is there a faster way than selecting the object and pressing X near the name of the ipo?:eek:

If they are all actually sharing the same IPO, just delete the keys in the IPO.

If the IPO is LOC/ROT/SCALE only, you can do a block select in the NLA and then press the delete key.

yes there is. Be sure you have one object with no IPO curve attached to it.(Just create a cube, when in doubt). Now select all objects you want to unlink and the last object you select hast to be the onw without IPO curve. Now press CTRL-L … press link ipo … and there you are. Hope this helps.
lila laune -.-