Unlinking materials from objects

(milidh) #1

I had a file with about 50 objects all as 1 object, which I have split up into individual objects. This has led to all objects having all materials linked to them. How do I make it so only used materials are linked to the appropriate objects?

Remove extra Materials in 2.8?
(RickyBlender) #2

is this for 2.8 or 2.79 ?

I got an old script that can delete un assign materials on one object only
can you use it ?

it might be possible to modify script to do it for all selected objects !
but don’t have much time right now

happy bl

(milidh) #3

Sounds like what I need. Using 2.79. The script sounds just what I need. I am doing it object by object at the moment anyway. So please send me the script.

(V!nc3r) #4

I haven’t check for 2.8 but for 2.79 you can enable the Material Utils Specials default addon, then in your 3DView > shift + Q > Clean slots > Clean Material Slots

(milidh) #5

Thank you very much. Just what I needed. What a time saver.