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My new WIP :

The hands are not really well done but it will be enought for this project.
The fact that the pants are over the tshirt (english word ?) comes from the low poly modelling, is there a solution for this ? I don’t really want to add poly because this will mess my uvmap (at least, i think so :wink: )

And a wire of this low poly guy (please don’t hurt me, this is my first low poly guy :D)

Any comments ?
More to come soon.
Thanks for viewing.

Hop, adding some wood on the floor:

2 quick easy solutions,

  1. make the T-shirt shorter, only has to be a little by the looks of it
    2)add the bottom front verts of the T-shirt to the leg armatures so the bottom of the T-shirt moves with the jeans, weigth paint or alter vert groups.
    For such a low poly it looks very good, :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, i didn’t thought about those solutions.
Thank you.

T-shirt is the right English word.

I’d just shorten the shirt an inch or two, and be done with it.

Looks good.

Thanks for the tip, it helps a lot.
I’m starting to think about the view, so here what i’ve done so far (last night was a hard one :D)

Happy new year !

Well i didn’t really know what to had behind the scene, so here it is.
DOF added in photoshop.

C&C welcomed.