unloading world

Here is the final version.

Comments and critics are always welcomed.

lol :smiley: I like much this concept :wink:

I don’t have critics for it. maybe cloth and head of person is similar as cube color in background

I spend hours and hours making this damn uvmap for the character and you are telling me that i could have put it in grey .
Damnit :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway.

IMO the text on the left is very hard to read. The right is easier, but still kinda hard.
Nice picture! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Striker on the text. Perhaps if you made the text with mroe width it would look slightly better.

The langoleers are coming!!! aaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Just kidding.

Its quite hard to see any of the detail for the bandages. Perhaps you should try rendering a larger image.

I have to agree that the lettering is hard to read. I had to turn my head sideways and even then it was difficult. maybe you should try putting the letters on the top and bottom instead, and maybe even redesign the layout so that it looks more like part of a program or a game.

I really like the concept. nice job overall.

Well, thanks everyone fr the comments.
I realize that the text is maybe hard to read, but as i had this idea for a long time, i know this text by heart, so i didn’t take care of the reading.
My mistake.

Here is a link to a bigger picture :

The langoleers are coming!!! aaaaaaaahhhh!!!

You’re right, that’s another explanation !

I don’t think the falling blocks in the back really fit. The ones in the front are obviously part of a crumbling world, the ones in the back just seem like random falling blocks. Other than that, it looks great.

The blocks behind are just here to add the feeling that everything is going away, and in addition it was quite empty without those blocks (and this emptyness was quite ugly :-?).

Hahahahaha, now that’s one helluva movie !

As for staying on-topic.
The picture as a whole is quite brilliant. Although, I guess you could’ve spent some more time on the character, his hand and feet especially. However, most of the texturingwork is very well made. Only the pants looks slightly off (sort of has a stretchy feeling over them. And when I think about it they’re kinda too detailed texture-wise compared to the rest of the character)

Try giving them texture and spacing them out so they are falling in bunches instead of uniformly.

Try giving them texture and spacing them out so they are falling in bunches instead of uniformly.

adding on to this. make them larger and add a texture of something of the earth maybe, like grass, water, wood, and sky to make it look like the world is being unloaded.

or maybe have the same texture as the floor to look like its falling away even more.

I love the concept! and looks great for me, tho im new and not atoned to detail. still looks great tho!

MrMuscly: thanks a lot. I know that the character is no perfect but as i said in my WIP thread, this was my first one and my first uvmap with a low poly guy. But i promise, next time 'ill do better
And yes the feet sucks :slight_smile:

thelonesoldier & Mr Man : The idea i wanted to give is thaht the world is being erased. As you can see on the cubes coming from the floor, the texture is just disappearing. That’s why i didn’t apply any texture on the falling blocks behind.

Just one more thing to say. I appreciate all your comments a lot. It could help. But i made a thread in the WIP section and I asked for comments and critics. And i didn’t have all that feedback.
So thanks anyway for your comments but it’s a litlle bit to late now, i won’t change anything more.
But this is still interesting to have you opinion.

love it. the concept is great, and the execution is excellent. its kind of disturbing-looking, but in a good way.


Oh thank you :wink:

the texture is just disappearing.

I didn’t notice that. I think you could perhaps make it a bit more obvious but not sure how.

made a thread in the WIP section and I asked for comments and critics. And i didn’t have all that feedback.

You only waited one day between the time you posted the image with the background in your WIP thread and when you posted it here. Not a lot of time to give feedback on it. I didn’t see it until you posted it here.

Well, you’re right, i apologize, but you know, I had this idea for a long time and i wanted to finish it because it seemed good to me.

But now i just don’t want anymore to work on this one, because i don’t want to go back on this once again. I was quite happy with my final version.
And I had some good ideas in this thread so i was just a little bit “bored”.

I hope that you see what I mean. No offense in this.