unlocking an object to a view or can't ctrl+ num!

Hi all, nooby on 2.5, I got stuck (for a few days!) in an object view and can’t pan with ctrl and number keys or shift F to go into flymode “Cannot fly when the view locked to an object” on 2.5 I expect they are linked problems?
Any ideas might stop me going for a few more days …:rolleyes:

Hover mouse over locked viewport, hit N-key to display view properties panel, find View tab and delete whatever is in ‘Lock to Object’ input field.
Just in case: you could do Ctrl-(left/right)Arrow to go to other screen.

1000 Thanks, my Karma with blender has returned :slight_smile: and the viewpoint no longer locked to a camera!

Heeeeelp! Ok this is not specific to this particular problem though your answer did help me. I tried deleting the object lock relationship, but when I delete “backdrop” in my case, it would not clear the field, that is if I left the text field blank then blender reinserted backdrop!

same thing happens with space bar menu for that matter

Are you using OSX? I am, and I am running into the same issue.


Here’s a workaround for the bug where the view won’t unlock from an object:

1> Save your work.
2> Make a new blender file.
3> Erase the camera, cube, and lamp from the new file.
4> File > Append
5> Click the scene directory, then click the scene and load it.

This should recover your previous work and unlock the camera view so you can use fly again.


Does anyone have a solution to having the view locked to an object and cannot delete the object? I am stuck:(

Select the object name in the ‘Lock to Object’ box, press the delete key and immediately press the Enter key.