"Unmanned Vengeance" A Blender action/adventure short video

My first action adventure video ! Here is the storyline.

The free open-source 3d software company known as Blender, is being threatened by a hostile takeover from a rival software giant. Huge advances in Blenders’ features and capabilities have them worried about their future.

Determined to end their threat of a hostile takeover…A Blender drone pilot, goes rogue, and dishes out some open source hostility…Blender style.

Whatever you do, don’t bail out when the credits roll or you will miss the top secret, sexy, REAL ending to the movie.

Thanks for watching!

That was a great movie, I enjoyed every frame of it and watched it three times. Unbelievable, that you’ve taken me into the credits. Oh man, I’m still speechless. I was totally surprised and didn’t expected something like this at all.

That was a good job and the sound editing is very well done. Hearing the same 007 style sound track of the raw material was a little bit annoying in the last time :slight_smile:

Everything else, that I may could say about some trivialities now, can wait. For the moment I just want to say this: Congratulations! That was great!


Thanks for the credit. I enjoyed your video. It really was strange! I’m glad you found my comments helpful.

LOL that was awesome and hilarious! Thanks for the credits, that might be the first I’ve ever been in! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome – And thanks for the credit! Another first for me. The takeoff and flight sequences are really well done and convincing. The whole thing works. Look forward to seeing your next project.

Cool clip. I didn’t know that this Blender company was so hostile until today when I watched that clip and also saw this :smiley:
Nice of you to take the time and gather all the nicks in the credits. I think this is the first time I actually enjoyed receiving a private message in here when you told about the credits; no one asking help directly nor asking for a tutorial about subject X. I appreciate that, thank you.

Thanks for the credit. Great clip. Is a proud for me seeing my nick there. I hope I can do something similar some time. The end is amazing.

Great job :slight_smile: and thanks for the credit, the james bond-like ending is amazing and hilarious, great idea, very funny :eyebrowlift:,
I wonder how long was the renderedtime for everything.

It was interesting, but I feel that the animation was a bit on the stiff side of things.

Man thanks for sharing this. You mentioned storyline and you sure have it going on here. I too have watched it several times and I’m still chuckling. Who knew the foundation has black ops. LOL Really nice piece of work. Oh, what the hell I’m going to watch it a 4th time. Hey, suddenly you are going to have time on your hands after this project. Enjoy

One more quick observation. I just went to Utube and watched it full screen in 720p. Man it held up real nice. Has got me rethinking my use of 1080p for sure.

Nice one, harleynut97! And thank you for the credit. I’m looking forward to see more of your works in the future.

Certainly not bad – rendering was good, background images were nicely chosen and well placed – explosions were nice. If I had to offer advice – in action scenes, camera movement is critical, along with fast cuts.

Not to be prudish – but the after-the-credits scene was pretty irrelevant – it served no point or relation to the story. Not that it was terrible – just there was no set up other than… 'lets find a way to get Sintel in a bed"

looking forward to seeing your next film!

Great work! The drone looks great. Nice storyline and execution. Keep up the great work.

But one question is still unanswered by now. How did you manage to render the armature in the last scenes? I mean, if you like to tell us your secrets :eyebrowlift2:?

A funny thing happened yesterday on the way to the virtual mailbox… I was really honored, when I got an email from the creator of Blender, Ton Roosendaal, about the movie. He just expressed quickly that he enjoyed the movie and it was funny. I had sent the Blender Foundation a link, since I used the heck out of their logo and based the movie around Blender. But I gotta say that selfishly it made my day that he enjoyed it.

@minoribus- The only way I could get a render of the armature was using a recommendation that Richard Marklew made which involved doing an open GL render in the viewport of just the armature… I then brought it into aftereffects and masked it into the scene. I just wanted to show any non3d viewers what the rig looked like for Capt. Hands.

@stormswirl … I can’t thank you enough for all your help. Stormswirl …alias FirstGradeCalculus…alias… real smart math dude, helped me get the velocity of the drone and the propeller speed accurate. He also was a creative consultant. Working on a project for as long as I did this one… a fresh set of eyes is always welcome. FirstGradeCalculus has a massive amount of Blender tutorials… they are short, sweet, and you can learn a lot … check out his tutorials here http://www.youtube.com/user/FirstGradeCalculus/videos?view=1&flow=grid

Well continued thanks to those who take the time to watch it, and hope if you enjoy it, you can share it with someone else.

Hey, that’s cool. I’m happy for you, that your movie gets this enviable attention. :slight_smile:

thanks for the credit. I am happy that you find helpful my posts in BA forums.
Congratulations to have achieved this complex work and funny project.

Great work. :slight_smile:

I know that editing real footage of practical material is hard enough with a storyboard to follow. 3D is even harder. Your cuts and transitions and edits in 3D were magnificent! Good editing like this becomes invisible and part of the story and I’m SO GLAD you know how to do it! I’m jealous and have questions!..

To edit, splice, trim and cut, did you use something internal to blender? I know you used multiple cameras, brilliant a la Steve Buscemi (The Conversation), but did you run animation “overtime” and trim it to fit for pacing or was each render an exact match to time on screen? Did each scene have its own .blend scene?