Unmapped Textures Possible?

So, this is rather a strange request, I’m sure. But here it is. It’s concerning a technique which I’m wondering about. Is it possible, in Blender, to have a texture that is not mapped to the object, but rather stays perpendicular to the camera? It’s an effect I’ve seen in one animated show, and was wondering if it were possible to replicate it, simply for stylistic reasons.

Example from 2D animation

you can do that as an image view port background, but it doesn’t render.

for render enter the “shading” window (F5). Clikc the “world button” (to the right 8 buttons, looks like a planet). You can add a texture for the background to render.

also check out the Window option in the Map To panel. see wiki Textures section.

If your looking to actually animate like that as well, I think you might want to look at this method as well. Select the camera and position in a view that you think would work for you. With the camera selected in the editing section click “Orthographic”. This gives the Render a 2D feel to it. Hope this helps

Cool. I was playing around with Blender, and I did end up finding the Window option. I’ll check out the Orthographic option too.