Unnamed Bones

I made an armature for a model I made, and I named all the bones in the armature. Then I went to the object i was attaching to the bones, added an armature modifier, and started to add the vertices to groups. However, certain bones did not appear in the list of bone related groups I could select. And a whole column of “Bone.17”, etc., which I don’t even think exist since I named all the bones I made. Does anyone know how I can attach the vertices to the bones that don’t appear in the list?

Please upload the .blend if you can.


OK, the part that confuses me about your description about how you went about adding the armature modifier to your object/mesh is this : AFAIK (or at least in the current 2.44 version) when you add the armature modifier without parenting (in Pose Mode select object/mesh -> Shift-select your armature -> Ctrl-P-> pick from the menu), you do not automatically get named bones to select from the vertex group menu field for the object/mesh . You have to manually create and name them (select new and then change the default “group” to a bone name) … So I don’t understand how you went about this exactly … Did you parent the armature and mesh AFTER you added the armature modifier ? Though that shouldn’t give you names of bones that don’t exist … Maybe you have a duplicate of your armature that you placed on a separate layer you forgot about ? … I’d open up the outliner and see what exactly is in your scene …

Unless any of the above helps please post a blend like Fligh suggested .

I can’t upload it because it says it’s an invalid file.
The mesh was parented to the armature before I added the modifier. Sorry about not mentioning that.

Yes it is a bit odd but you can’t up load blend to the forum … But here is an easy free uploader you can use : http://uploader.polorix.net/index.php

Ok, that’s pretty cool.
So here’s the link, http://uploader.polorix.net//files/587/Pfhor.blend

Well for starters for some reason you have applied the armature modifier twice to the same mesh - “Cube” - which I guess is the mesh for the body of the alien (it is always a good idea to give your objects names you will remember - just in case you get yourself stuck in situations like this) - It might be this duplication that is causing the unnamed bones to appear beside the named bones/vertex group possibilities … It seems you have parented the “Cube” mesh to the armature and for some reason added another armature modifier on top of the “virtual” one already there due to parenting . And then at some later point you added another armature modifier to the armor - “Sphere” - but this time without parenting it to the armature … which seems to have added even more “unnamed” (of the bone.001 variety) bones to the list …

I’m not sure what is causing this exactly but the fix I think is simple - just select the “Cube” and delete the armature modifiers and then unparent it from the armature . And then manually delete all the vertex groups (and you can do this in Object Mode now) - just keep hitting the “Delete” button under Vertex Groups in the Links and Materials panel in the Editing (F9) context until the mesh no longer has any groups . And then do the same for “Sphere” (except for the unparenting) … (You might be able to skip the manual deletion of the vertex groups if you save and re-open but I didn’t because I am just lazy :o)
Now just reparent “Cube” to the armature in the usual way and select whatever option you want - if you select “named groups” then only the named bones in your armature will show up … If do the same with “Sphere” then you will wind up the same list .

I think the extra vertex groups/unnamed bones appeared because the armature modifier was not the first on the modifier stack … If you simply parent the “virtual” armature modifier appears before the subsurf modifier where as in your file both meshes had the armature modifier after the subsurf …

Hope this helps .