Unnamed Game #2: Snowflake Game?

(I’m not going to describe this game like my other topic.)

In this game you control a snowflake from the day it is born to the day it dies. The game is narrated by the snowflake in detail of everything happening in its life.  Narration can change when players choose to do something or go somewhere. It's a full 3D game and it's an exploration game. There are obstacles to avoid and places to go when you're a snowflake. After you live a life you go through the water cycle again and go new places. I can make this game for PC now but, this game would be a great ios and Android game with accelerametor controls.

What do you think about this game idea?

Why do you care what people think? Make the game you want to make.

Making the game is difficult. The topics and polls motivate me to make these games and now I know people like my other game idea and they can help me improve it.

But you’re putting yourself out there to be demotivated even quicker. If you like the idea yourself, people should like it too.

If I relied on community feedback on more than the positive boost, I’d probably not have tried half the games I’ve done. If you’re worried about what other people think, you might loose focus on what you personally, are trying to do with your game. I say, please make it, I think it would be a cool experiment. If you like the idea too and believe in it, you should jump right on it and try it out, make it fun, develop your idea, and make it to the quality you expect from yourself. If you don’t believe in your own idea, chances are your not making the game for yourself.

Hope what I said helps a little bit :slight_smile:

You should add a new option in the poll for “Could be good if done well.” Because original game ideas like this could go either way. Of course, the beauty of indie games is that you don’t really have to worry about the game being successful. If you think its a good idea and you want to put time and effort into it, then go for it. No risk. You could end up with the next Minecraft or Angry Birds. On the other hand, you might end up making something horribly awful like Call of Duty (god forbid). But your snowflake idea already has a more coherent plot than Call of Duty, so in my book, your game is already better. And you haven’t even started making it yet. Stick that on your resumé.

Thanks and your youtube is alot of fps videos but, you don’t like Call of Duty. Battlefield?

Your comment helped :slight_smile:

Haha. You caught me. After you spend a few years making games of your own, you kind of lose your innocence in gaming. You start noticing exactly where developers cut corners. So I think if anyone is allowed to rage on big-budget games, it’s indie developers like the Blender Artists community.

That’s true.