Unnamed Game: Good Idea?

The protagonist is T.I.M. (Technologically Incredible Machine). T.I.M. is a robot but, he’s not technologically incredible. He has insomnia but, also has narcolepsy. This causes problems with his social life and health.
He always wanted to be normal and one day he planned to find the robot that made him to be fixed. The journey is difficult with insomnia and narcolepsy but T.I.M. meets new friends and discovers more about himself.

Narcolepsy causes T.I.M. to sleep randomly but, when he sleeps he dreams about his environment. In "Sleep Mode" T.I.M. sees clues that foreshadow the future.When he sleeps he also has nightmares and everything is hostile or homicidal.

                                           <b>Gameplay Mechanics</b> 
"Unnamed Game" is a 3D platform game. Like the Little Big Planet games, there is a 'Foreground Middleground and Background' and characters and objects are 3D.

The player moves on the foreground left and right (and up). There are objects on the foreground that the player interacts with (jumping over, pushing, pulling etc.) 

The middleground is more objects but, the player doesn't fully interact with it. Tree branches might reach the foreground and the players can interact with anything in the foreground.

The background is the sky and horizon and the player does not interact with it. 
                                    <b>Gameplay Mechanics Continued</b> 
This game is a platform game but not like Mario or Little Big Planet because those games have levels or worlds. My game is one big real time adventure with day and night like a RPG. 

                                      <b> Player Gameplay Mechanics</b> 
T.I.M. walks left and right and jumps. He has the ability to move things magnetically and also has a jetpack but its broken like most of his "Incredible Technology". Example: Robots are vulnerable to water and when it rains most robot have a waterproof system that protects them water. T.I.M. does not have this waterproofing system. When it rains he needs to find a solution to walking in rain. 

                                                  <b>Developer Information</b>

I didn’t think of a company name but, i’m one person and I’m an artist and I’m self teaching myself how to program games in blender. I’m working on mostly art now and I’ll upload pictures later. I’m also making the music and sounds in the game. And I’m starting a video blog on Youtube and a website/blog.

What do you think about my game?

The Idea is really, really charming!
You really should work on this Game – if you do it well, then it might become awesome! :]
Robots, Jetpacks, Nightmares… like a Child’s Idea! You know, the good Way. :3

However, it is really strange that the Premise already starts with a Robot suffering from Diseases of the Human Organism – Narcolepsy and Insomnia. However, it also sounds as if the Game also would give an initial Answer to the Question whether Robots do dream – now the only Question remaining is: Do they dream of electric Sheep? ;p

Thank you for commenting on this post. I posted on other forums and this is the first comment :smiley: and the robots have human characteristics. And I think robots dream surrealistic dreams.

Frankly, you had me with the storyline and the idea of it all, until you put in the little big planet-like gameplay. That is the main reason I didn’t like that game was the area you could move the character was very limited. I think this game would be a lot better in a 3D environment like the Sly Cooper games or (if you have heard of it) psychonauts. Other than that, it looks to be a good game and I hope to see some progress in the future.

@ jbart321: The Critique is well-founded, however, it is a Matter of how you approach such Gameplay. Obviously you judge such Gameplay on full 3D Environments and see this particular Kind of Gameplay as some Sort of slimmed Version of that. But I would it should rather be understood as a classical 2D-Sidescroller, but with the graphically technical Advancements of a 3D-Platformer.
One also could say it is a Matter of Taste, but a Matter of Approach/Interpretation seems rather proper expressed to me – at Last (to give a far-fetched Comparison), a Romance should be judged bad due to the Lack of Explosions.

I thought about a 3D environment but realized my art styles and full 3D in this game would be a terrible idea. Imagine Little Big Planet in full 3d.

The 2D environment makes the game more of an adventure and not a free roam game. But the game doesn’t say go forward and the game is over.

Yes… I rather like this idea! I would probably play it. As for style, side scroller or full 3d doesn’t really matter to me. I prefer full 3d games, but a well done side scroller is very fun to play also. It is also your game. If you think that you could do a side scroller better than by all means, go with that!

Thanks for commenting on this and rating my idea.

Ah… with this, you’ll do fine indeed. The difficult work is ahead, but this poll serves doubly to invigorate you and to show you a plausible market.

You will need to find an approach you like, though. Side-scrollers are not my forte, but they have massive inherent charm. I can say no more, but just ask Solarlune for more than theory.

Anyway, have fun!

Thanks Satoru. I know making this is going to be difficult but, this is motivation.

I choose option 6: Awesome Idea, but I need Visual Aid to influence my purchasing decision.

But honestly great start to get the juices flowing. Having an altered reality opens the doors to imagination and originality just dont get swept away in it and lose sight of a finished product.

Now go forth and blender fellow blenderhead.

I know, Visual Aid. This week, visual aids. but probably on paper.
And I will go forth and Blend! Mostly testing game mechanics.