unnamed girl in progress (nudity warning)


started up again in blender been working on this oriental girl lately. here are some wips:

Floating in space in her undies and a whipped up space-helmet =D


i’ll post some more pics later if i get more work done on her…

what im concerned is her anatomy. sadly the pics aren’t straight-up so it might not be so obvious so i’ll post some pics of her in normal views soon.

any comments or critisism?

  • tomi

imo give her “basic” hands and feet then start working on all those anatomical quests :smiley:

Very nice model. Looks like a nice mesh too.

Can you post some wires and also, I would be very interested in seeing your particle hair settings, (i.e. guides, etc.), as I am trying to get that working and it looks like you have a nice set up there too.


Felix_Kütt: heh, i suppose you’re right :wink: they’re the hardest part after the head to make look good. gonna get them done when the rest of it looks ok =)

BgDM: thanks, the topology isn’t really that great, a mess one might say, but im going to try and fix that as soon as i get an armature done to test how the flows work. the hair guides aren’t working that well either, thinking of changing to mesh hair since dunno if you can use collision on particles. here are some wires:


the front hair is on separate layer so the other guides wont interfere with it

im gonna rework on the head with a reference this time. it’s not very flattering atm :confused: