Unnamed Hero

This is my first work in Blender. I’ve decided that tackling an organic subject first should end up teaching me most things that I’ll need for all future work. I need to work on topology primarily. He is 762 faces, all quads.


I think he has too many polygons in his torso. This might make it hard to animate him correctly. Otherwise, it looks good to me :slight_smile:

He does not look balanced from the side…as if he is about to topple backwards.
You could probably get a bit more detail out of the edge loops you have. If you want to investigate this, you should look at each one and ask yourself if it would change the form much, were that loop to be removed. If not then you can either remove the loop or push the vertices to describe more detailed form.

Thanks for the critiques.Two thoughts on my part. First, I thought more polys made for easier, or rather, smoother animation. And second, I never even thought about how unbalanced he looks. Good eye.

I am aiming for about 2k polys for the finale low poly. Since this will be a nude model, and thus in the game he’ll be generally wearing clothing, I want to keep it lower. I’m using UDK as my game’s platform, so my poly count can climb sort of high if I like. I don’t want to go over 7.5 k, though, clothed, and generally, I want to stay closer to 5.