unnamed lowpoly character


The second image was made for another forum where I had already shown the wireframe, but edited the mesh afterwards, that’s why there seems to be a bit of redundancy in there ;). I figured I’d leave both in, the first one is the wired mesh with texture and lighting in the rig pose, the second one shows the skin in fullbright and a pose. If you wonder, no, the hands aren’t rigged yet.

The caracter has no name or concept, I made it up as I went along. Usually this doesn’t give good results, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

The skin uses two 512x512 maps, one for the head (with alpha) the other for the body (no alpha). I might scale down the head texture if the need arises, but considering games like UT2003 use two 1024x1024 maps per model the need isn’t there yet.

She has no ears, I’m not sure whether I should bother adding those (I have enough UV space left), since one doesn’t notice with that hair. Hell, the hair isn’t even connected to the head but you won’t see this unless you move the camera right below her head, look up and look for it. (even then I could blame it on alpha Z-errors ;))

The skin was supposed to look realistic (well, at least the clothes). I know I didn’t manage to do that and I can’t do any better. If anyone has good tutorials on that (no general stuff, I know how shading, etc. works, I need to know how to actually paint what I want) I could use them.

I don’t know whether to post this under finished or WIP, but I go with the notion that this isn’t totally finished and could still use work, so it’s WIP.

Fantastic texture work and a very well done low poly model.

No crits from me.

Great job!

Nice model, but I think teh textures need work. Tutorial:http://www.3dtotal.com/team/Tutorials/benmathis/benmathis_textures_1.asp

hey that looks good!

Just light it well in the environments and it will definetely work

BgDM: Thanks.

Ataryu: Well, thanks, but the tutorial only says “paint in the details” like so many others. The flesh was kept without strong shading on purpose, but the clothes are what gives me problems. Just wondering, are there any vertex color bakers released for Blender? Not that I need one, I have written my own, but…

Baboon: Well, that should be the job of the game. If there was a PSK/PSA export I’d try to put her iinto UT 2003 (or 2004, the difference is only one single-frame animation).

Could you do a close-up wire on the face for me? I could learn a lot from this.


I’d advise against doing everything like I did, though. That’s experimental and partially stylized (the nose, for example).

That’s experimental and partially stylized

Doesn’t matter, just needed to see how you did the mouth for animating and I was curious about the nose.


I was thinking about how you said there seems to be something wrong with the clothes, and the only thing I can see is the cloth around her waist. I read a tut once that said to only put folds where they would be likely to form in any position. For that piece it seems like mostly vertical folds would be more appropriate, rather than swirly ones.

very nice low poly model, reminds me of those fighting games, with half-naked women fighters.


shbaz: The mouth isn’t meant for facial animation. I rarely add that to lowpoly characters, since I’m mostly aiming for FPS games.

The thing that’s wrong with the clothes is everything. The folds look painted on, everything’s blurry, etc.

mystery: About the style I was thinking of while creating her ;).