Unnamed Virtual eco system - WIP

Hello guys, I have recently started working on “this”, it’s a virtual world witch will be working totally on its own(nobody will need to to anything for it to work properly).

There will be animals, plants, terrain, resources. Almost everything that make life possible. Plant eating animals will be searching for tall grass, apples etc, meat eating animals will hunt down plant eating animals, animals will be able to breed, and plants will spawn naturally and all that cool stuff.

There are a lot of problems right now:

  • Plants don’t spawn naturally (I have to place them before I start the game)
  • Animals are stupid, I just set them to follow things I want them to follow.
  • I have no idea how to make animals to breed.
  • I have very little knowledge of python code.

Those are just some of many.

If anyone thinks he/she knows how to fix some of the things I listed above, please tell me. Send me a message.

Thanks for reading, hope you like the idea. :eyebrowlift2:

I will post some pictures tomorrow when I have time

I like the idea.

You can make plants spawn/animals breed by using addObject. Maybe add a seed/baby animal, which eventually becomes a plant/fully grown animal, which makes another baby, etc.
Getting animals to follow things is ai, and ai is haaaarrrrdddddd.

I expect it will be tough to do this without some Python, but good luck!