Unnatural Selection- action/adventure/hack n slash BGE game

This is an action/hack n slash game i have been working for 2 months alone. I know almost nothing about programming, so there is no python script in the game, only logic bricks, and it is a pain in the butt!

Anyway, the game history is about a corporation that makes biological “robots”. They want to annihilate the human specimen as we know and create another civilization from zero with their new living beings. The first part of the game is before the human race is annihilated, and the other 3/4 of the game is after.

Im thinking about selling the game on steam or any other kind of online distribution company when i finish the game. I want at least 10 hours of gameplay, and the job is not going to get done in less then 4 months if i work alone. Not mntioning that the game cannot have any bug, and i dont even know if its possible to make a bugfree game in BGE!

All i want to know is if there is already any BGE game being sold out there, because i dont really know if the whole thing of selling a blender game acctually works. I created some sound effects on FL studio, but when i play it on my game, blender keeps closing, so i have no idea how apricot works so fine.

I am modelling/animating/texturing everything, creating all the sound and music and creating the logic all by myself for now.

Here comes some videos: