"Unofficial" Blender Conference PocketPC Theme

I’ve done a theme for PocketPC 2002 and 2003
For everyone going to the conference, I want to see it in your PocketPC :smiley:


You can download it here.

Best regards to all, hope to see ya at the conference.

Lol nice, I can try it on my uncles pocketPC, btw, try to post a pocketPC Blender version too, that would be great to get that working on it :smiley:

LOL, all I need is a magnifier and 2 hours work and I think I can get Blender working on the PocketPC, LOL…

I think that the PocketPC does Blend very well with the minimum requirements.

Maybe to coordinate a RenderFarm and check the status of each project.

Are you going to the Conference?
If you are I want to see you waving your uncles pocketPC with this theme, :smiley: .

only suggestion i have is to drop the colour in Blenergetic’s background.

perhaps 30% the strength. (as if it has a white layer over the top)

the text on the dark is too much for me, otherwise nice. :smiley:


Well actually I wanted to come to the blender conference, but again my stupid boss doesn’t allowe me to have a day off. :frowning: So next year I finished school and go to study further (also finished working for school) So then I go the the conference with my parents car, so if someone who lives near me want to drive with me, you can ask.

Blender conference 2005, I won’t miss that one like I had to miss 2004 :<

I’ve done some changes, what do you think now ?

You can download the darker one here and the lighter one here.

I will use the first since in my PocketPC it is much brighter than what appears on the Brower, yet, a lighter version is also supplied :smiley: .

Best regards to all, hope to see ya at the conference.

Anyone tried the Theme on the Pocket PC ?

I would love to hear some feedback.