[Unpaid] A Small Team Wanted For Untitled Movie Project

I’m currently looking for volunteers for a movie project - I don’t know which movie we will make, someone can come up with an idea - and we’ll make it together in Blender only.

It can be a short film around 8 minutes or something to that extend. To what I need are:

Concept Artist
Character Modeler
Character Rigger
Texturing Artist
Environment Artist
And Sound Designer as well as an Musician

I’m right now uncertain which project it’ll be, but that’ll come in time as the days passes by. I’m the animator and video editor of the project (I’ll be doing the post-production process if you wish).

I’ll make a Discord server so we can communicate (I just need your timezone and region, just in case), and also so we can improve the quality of the movie if something isn’t what we’re looking for to each other.

If you’re interested, send me a DM, and I’ll get back to you.


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Hi…Ive just joined Blender so I think because i am new i cannot send a DM yet, I am an experienced music composer and would be interested in discussing your project, if you could DM me I’d love to talk more

Thanks, Ben

Hey Daniel i am experienced composer and sound designer for about 6 years and i work on some kind of animation last year. we can talk more about it if you want.
connect me via : [email protected]