[Unpaid] I need help with a voxel building sandbox rpg game - Rituals of the old


I need some modeling / texturing / animation help (take your pick) for a voxel sandbox game. So basically you’re thinking “Minecraft” right now. But it’s not quite what we’re doing, although we do have strong roots in Minecraft modding.

The game is called Rituals of the old and we’ve been working on it for three years now and before that it was in planning for several years.

Rituals of the old is about building, crafting, roleplaying, survival, and adventure with a medieval’ish theme with some scifi elements, and ritual magic. The game’s themes and setting are meant for a more mature audience.

We’re still several years from first proper versions, but we should be able to start working on the actual game mechanics, hopefully, in near future if everything goes well.

I’ll show you some pics below so you’ll get a better idea what we have going on. I’ll tell you more about the game and our team after that. Ok? Great.

We have currently 11 people in our team (https://www.starandserpent.com/team/) but only 7 people are active at the moment. You can find our (outdated, at the moment of writing) web pages here: https://www.ritualsoftheold.com/

Unfortunately we made a very regrettable decision of using Maya for animations. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t regretted that decision. I would very much like to rectify it by switching 100% to Blender - which we are already using for 3D models - but creating a control rig for Blender from scratch and updating all our animations is not a small task (feel up for it?).

You can see a bit old technical world generation test here: https://youtu.be/d5mGBj9PdsE we’ve moved a long way since then, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to make a newer video because things are bit of a mess at the moment because we’re preparing everything for networking and moving from greedy meshing to voxel splatting.

We could use all kinds of help with items, characters, textures, character animations, etc.


Come and join our Discord chat server:

My Discord acount is Pilvinen#1291. Give me a PM.

You can also find our email address on our team’s website:

I will be happy to answer any questions.

– Pilvinen