[Unpaid] Lifeboat Model, higher the detail possible payment

Hey, I am searching a 3d Modeler to make a lifeboat model for me. It should look like this from below and top. Depending on the detail I also might pay. Please without davit only the lifeboat. Some things I would like to have included: Engine (Engine is at the back, please also add the metal rod from the engine to the propeller, propeller should also be included), “Viking Line” Text should be at the front on both sides same on the back on both sides, Ropes around the lifeboat, Wood stands to sit on, Thanks! liferafts1

I think your best bet is to look for one free online and adapt it yourself.

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Even if someone is interested in making that, I think you forgot to mention some very important info.
What is that model for? Is it for game? For render? What render engine should be used?

This kind of information can change completely the project.