[Unpaid] Looking for a Sound Designer to a YouTube Blender Series

Basically as the title says, I’m looking for a sound designer who has skills with creating roars and different sound effects for a series I’m planning at the moment.

This will be an unpaid volunteering, as I can’t afford money to those outside of my home country. I’ll let you know what I’m working on through PM to not say it in this post (my last post in the “Volunteer Work” tab).

So, if you have the time on hand with creating pre-produced roars and sounds, I’ll let you join my series’ development work.

Anyone interested? Shoot me a message and we’ll get to know what the project’s about.

dude this is not a blender related work maybe try to ask this in another page or wait here if you are lucky.

This is, in fact, a Blender series mind you. I’ll use Blender for any 3D modelling work while human characters are live footage.

I should’ve just have been more specific, maybe. Sorry for that.

yeah practically it is for a blender tut channel :joy:

What he’s saying is you’re asking for sound designers on a 3D art website; and that you should post this topic in some other forum, one with a majority of sound designers.

It doesn’t matter what programs you use to make everything else when all you’re asking for is a sound designer.


His post is legit. There could be people with multiple skills, for instance someone can be a 3d artist and a sound designer at the same time. I would recommend to stay out of argument over this so his post stays clean.

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I’m just trying to be searching for someone who is willing to be a sound designer for my series. I’m not trying to be off-topic here. It doesn’t have to be this:

“Hey, I’m looking for a sound designer. Anyone who has time for that?”

I’m trying to be polite with asking anyone willingly to do it, not to be impolite on this forum. I’ve learned my lesson with that from last year with my “attitude” from the other times I asked for help from a film project, to a studio. I’m not trying to be that again.

I hope you can understand me, as I’m not very “descriptive” with my explanations. I’m not good at those, never was. But, I try my best to be descriptive.

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I am on your side :slight_smile: I was just telling others that your post is fine to post.

Oh. Wrong person to say it to?

First off, i’m not trying to argue.
I’m on your side as well and I’m trying to help by offering a suggestion.
I personally think asking on another forum would help you find more volunteers.

Again, i’m only trying to help. Please don’t take this too harshly.
I would volunteer myself, although i’m not too skilled in that area.

I’m not saying you need to take your post down, only that I think you should post it on other forums- not just this one. :grinning:

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I guess I was just worried at what you said. Other forum? What kind, then? Care to give me a link to it?

It’s as simple as looking it up on google. If you’re having trouble finding one, try listing the job on indeed.com. I’m fairly sure you can list unpaid work on there. Have a good day.

Hey, i’ve just joined cause im looking experience for my Sound design portfolio, are you still looking?