[Unpaid] Looking For A Team of Modelers and Animators To A Series

I’m looking for a team of modelers, riggers, and animators to assist me in my serial YouTube project, “Storm the Fox”. If you want an overview of what it’s about, go to this thread:


You’ll understand what I am in need of help with by looking at my topic for the series.

Basically, I can’t make it all alone. So, if you guys want to help, DM me about details of what kind of field and part of the episodes you’d like to do. I’m writing the first episode’s script, and I’d like to firstly make an action scene test for the episode. To see how long it’s going to take and animate from the script to screen.

That is all I ask you.


Says u have a manga. Can I see it?

Having not drawn it, I just made it to animation instead. It takes just too much of my free time to draw a manga, more specific publish each volume for seven chapters per book within a week/month of time. In the aftermath of not drawing the manga, I’m writing a novel series based on my animated series, albeit differently written, of course.

That’s the reason why I have chosen to not draw the manga concept, since it’s merely a concept and not an actual thing. For now.

But, who knows if I find an illustrator who wants to draw the manga for me, I might publish it on DeviantArt if I find the right person for the job.

You can make a manga or comic in blender. That’s sorta my plan for when I get everything ready but I believe I can animate the story rather easily. It’s helpful if you could provide as much detail as possible.