[Unpaid] Looking for Character Designer, Environmental Designer and Sculptor for Fantasy Short Film

Basically as it says, I’m looking for a character and environmental designer and sculptor for a short film in the fantasy genre. I’m currently writing the script to the short film (which will be no longer than 10-12 minutes).

Here is the logline/story: “A boy finds a dragon in the middle of the night and takes it in by caring for the creature and they go on a journey together to find some legendary sword in a mountain range.”

There are no deadlines, but if you can work with me for at least 6 months of producing the characters and assets for the short film, it’ll be great to know your talent in those specific fields. I’m the rigger and animator for the project.

Anyone who wants to help me will be mentioned in the credits in the description of the finished video.

Sadly, as I cannot afford money, there’s no budget placed on how well you produce your models to the film. The only thing I can do, is mention you for your assistance with the film.

That’s about it for now. I’ll respond to your answers tomorrow if you’re interested in helping me with this Blender film.

Kind regards,

In case you do not get any interest you might consider using characters from Sintel

Or make my own…despite that sculpting is not my strongest side in 3D…I do need to get it correct, even if there’s going to be multiple errors in the sculpting process.

I’ll need to join Blender Cloud in order to use the Sintel characters, don’t I?

I think you can find them on blendswap.com. I believe the license is ccby, but I’m not sure

Just how realistic do you want your characters to be? Or I should say, What is the visual style of the film intended to be? I COULD possibly give you a hand with this project, and I’m pretty quick with character creation. But I’m mostly an NPR artist. That said, I think NPR is a more forgiving style to work in. You can create a much more striking visual with less work.

I am thinking they could be a bit stylized, but also a bit cartoonish in design. I’ll be showing some storyboards later as I write the script.

Though, I can do with character designs first to see how much they are detailed. Not too lowly or highly detailed, just so it fit the visual style of my film.

So, in between a cartoon and stylized visual is what I’m aiming for. The intended style of the film is to be something near the visualized style of the “Sintel” short film by the Foundation, but in its own as well.

Is that good enough for the film’s style?

It’s a style I could work with. If you’re interested, you could look through my sketchbook on this forum to see some of the stuff I’ve done in blender over the years, it doesn’t represent everything I can do in blender, but some of it.

Tell you what, when you’ve completed the script and feel confident in the project, PM me, and I’ll see what I can do to help. Note; sometimes I’m out of town for long periods and don’t get to see my messages.

Ah, I’m good to be notified of someone’s absence for a period. Yes, once I finish the script, I’ll DM you about the characters. I’ll also show you some rough storyboards as well if you’d like to.

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Hi @DawnDarkness
Im still interested joining a free movie project.
I can draw/paint, can work on characters and on environment assets. For the beginning I wont like to start with doing erosions by hand for large-scale landscapes.

Ah, it’s cool you want to work with me for a free movie project.

Yes, I do need environments as drawings for the 3D scenes. I’m just about to continue writing the film (which has been changed to a complex trilogy). Which style of fantasy landscapes do you want to paint? If you want, I can give you some references on specific landscapes that is the outlook of the film trilogy.

I’ll DM you once I find some references on those landscapes (such as forests, caves, plains, etc).

Is that good enough?

Thanx for the PM,
good luck.