[Unpaid] Looking for Someone to teach me Character and Creature Sculpting in Blender

Short version: I did follow a few tutorials, but none of them referred to any creatures I’d like to make in Blender. They were mostly in Maya or ZBrush.

Long version:

Hello, my name is Daniel. I am a beginner Blender user who tried for eight months to work with the software. I’ve been following tutorials (like those from Grant Abbitt and Blender Guru), but I’d like to learn something that requires me to become better – like making dragons and other creatures, for example.

My goal is to learn more about Blender’s Sculpt tools, as well as its Edit Mode tools, to get much more in depth with my models I’d like to create.

For the next couple of years with my Desktop (about 9 years from now), I’d like to make a 3D animated series, but this requires a lot of work for a beginner like me to do.

So, that’s why I’m asking for someone to teach me about becoming better with 3D modeling inside Blender.

If anyone is interested in helping out a beginner, we can talk together over at Discord through Voice Call. (Just so you know; my English is kinda bad, but I am improving it if I speak in the language.)

This is something I really would like to do. It will mean everything to me if you want to help me out.

I am available tomorrow if anyone would like to help me. I’ll be on the Desktop during the day. (I have European timezone, so you know it.)

Thanks in regard.


I think you should check out this series on character modelling for animation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL3OEv6vd5VA4owAPOI0QdCcEmvl1f3BT

It is completely free of course. You can also check channels dedicated to sculpting such as YanSculpts.
Generally speaking, you will be able to follow most tutorials from different softwares in Blender, with the difference being in some of the tools and shortcuts but not in the theory or concept of the tutorial. If you fail to replicate what a tool in another software does, you can ask here on the forums on ways to achieve the same result in Blender.

If you are interested in paid material, you should check CgCookie, they have probably the best creature and character sculpting and creation courses. Most of them are in old versions of blender though, so you might find yourself needing again to ask about where things went from old versions, but that won’t be much of a trouble. You can also make use of new features that weren’t available then to your own advantage to improve your workflow.

Thanks. I might check it out once I have some free time to spare to learn character modelling from my writings.