(Unpaid - Profits share) Looking for Character Animator, Game Prototype

Hello Everyone,
We are a team of two (C# Game-play Programmer, Cinematic Designer/Generalist) working on an independent cinematic story driven game.

Currently we are focusing on prototyping the core features of the game in a short playable level, for which we really need to find someone that could take care of rigging and animations.

At the moment we are using and mixing free mo-cap animation (mainly found on Mixamo.com), but as the prototype progress it’s clear that has come the time to implement tailored and more accurate animations, both in game-play and cinematic sequences.

The ideal candidate has 3/4 years of professional experience in the industry, is skilled at rigging and animating for video-games and has an eye for emotionally realistic performances.

Knowledge of Unity, Maya and Motion Builder is preferred.

Characters (as the rest of the game) are stylized, but keep human trait both in their proportions and movements, so a firm understanding of both is required.

We are not only looking for an animator to execute our vision, but actually someone that would join and contribute to the project at many levels and in the long term.

At this stage of prototyping our only budget is our own free time, effort and spirit of sacrifice and we are looking for someone willing and able to offer the same.

We both have a full-time job in the Video-game industry and we are investing into the project approximately 20 hours a week of our own free time, remotely, so the prototype is progressing in a fast paced fashion.

This is more of an opportunity for a professional that enjoys working on video-games and has time and the interest to dedicate to a project that could turn into something competitive on the market.

Our goal is to make the best product possible, which, in the next stage, could find proper funding by either a publisher or private investors.

If this sounds interesting to you and would like to hear more about us and the project,
please get in contact at [email protected], attaching your show-reel.


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