[Unpaid] [Solved, managed to do it] Can someone model the baseplate for the 6090 Lego castle?

I hope someone can model the baseplate for the 6090 Lego castle, they will be credited in the render :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from someone.

I have looked in Digital Designer and Bricklink Stud .io for the base, but they only have the other ones and not the 6090. Also tried my self but I cant manage to get the dimensions right.

All the Lego logo dots isnt necessary, only the main baseplate. Also, the modeler is free to use it in his/her personal work.

Heres my own try, but theres lots of errors and wrong dimensions in this one.

So, I gave it another try and got somewhat better result. Theres still minor wrong dimensions and some mesh errors. I included the Blend file if someone want to have a look at it :slight_smile:

LEGO 6090 castle.blend (3.8 MB)
(Just the baseplate)

Did a third try and It looks like I finally managed to get the base right: