[Unpaid] Storyboard Artist and Team Wanted for a Blender Film Project

I’m looking for a storyboard artist who can create some rough boards out of my written script’s sentences. I’m already in the middle of writing the script to the project I’m working on.

I’ll give the script to the interested artist who can create some storyboards (paper/hand-drawn, or digitally) for the pre-production of the movie.

I’m unsure about the length of the finalized movie, since I’ve only just started on the script and all.

The entire movie production will be made in Blender, with some colors and materials made in Substance Painter and Photoshop if that’s easier for the artists involved in the production.

Here is the story/logline:
“A fifteen year old human teenager finds a wounded dragon in the forest one day and takes it upon himself that the dragon needs to learn how to fly with a broken wing and they’ll be in trouble from a threat to their newfound friendship.”

It would be a massive help for this project, and I promise to make some progress (and not have too many people in the production, of course! Just about 20 will be enough if you folks can spare me some moments of your time with my movie.)

That’s about it for now. I’ll be returning to the script tomorrow and see if you’re interested in my story.


still need the storyboard? I have no pleasure in the next few days if I want to be here, maybe language is a problem, is it?

How well do you draw? I’m taking just a quick 30 days break before I come back to anything I have started on.

For now, I’m just experimenting with storyboard in Blender, to see if it can be used to create animatics and such.

Once I’m back on, I’ll see what I want to make with the storyboard artist and the future team.

it depends on your point of view, but I think for the story board it should be enough. if you want to see send a few lines of the script and I’ll do it if you like …