[Unpaid] Volunteering for my Small Studio, Universe Animation

Looking for a place to make films or similar content such as the Making of and Documentary? You’ve come to the right place.

Universe Animation is a small, independent studio whose goal is to make short films with people from over the world. We only talk in the English language. We’re going to make animated content over at a Discord server dedicated to the studio.

About the founder:
Daniel is a screenwriter who has always dreamed about making films. To do so, he founded the studio that was named Universe Animation along with a friend from school. His dream includes the making of several short films, animated series, and potential feature films once the studio gets bigger in recognization. While he want to make them, he had waited on his brother to build a new computer that is used to only making films. This came to realization on November the 7th day, 2019.

People wanted for the studio:

3D modeller and rigger
Environmental designer
Sound FX designer
Character FX creator
Effects creator
Matte painter
Lighting for scenes
Storyteller for film

Want to have a place among those ranks? Hit me up in a direct message, and we’ll talk about what you want to make in return.


A few rules to follow before joining

  1. You must be online for when I am on Discord, ready to send my scripts to the storytelling teams.

  2. You’re going to be absolute certain you’re going to be working with my animation studio if you want to work part-time with other members.

  3. If you speak foil language, such as F-bombs, you’re disqualified for joining the independent studio. We speak in a non-F bomb language, with no swearing or anything related to that.

  4. If you break the three rules, you cannot enter the Discord server studio in the working hours, 8AM to 9PM, local time.

This is something I put together because if anybody swears on my server, that person won’t be accepted for bad language. We speak smooth English only.

Thank you for understanding and reading this.


Hello there. I will be glad to be one of you. you can sent me direct message or email me at : [email protected] .thank you.


There are still rooms for you all to join in the fun. If you wish to know more about the studio, contact me in a direct message, and I’ll explain the studio to anyone interested in joining the Discord server.

I know this was made in Nov. 2019, but this is still open for people to come on the Discord server to help in making animated content. Remember, right now, the studio is accepting only up to 22 people, two for each field of the production stages.

I’d like to know your timezone and region, so I can remember when you’ll be online on Discord and work with me. I’ve changed the timing for production to whatever hour you can be on to produce the required objects and things to the projects.

Also, no Making of or Documentary will be made anyway. I’ve discarded those two, because we’re in far off countries from each other and so, we cannot be making explanations on how the animations are produced. Sorry.

That is all.


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Hello, I’d liI ake to join your studio I am a 3D modeller
my email: [email protected]

I am interested, I am a 3D modeller . I sent you a private message with more details about me.