Unpaintable Surfaces?

Hello everyone. I seemed to have climbed out of a hole only to fall into another on my first step.

So i’m learning about texture paint while trying to texture an island for animation use.

However as i got everything set, i’m noticing that there are certain areas of my mesh that i either cannot paint on, or can barely paint on. I’ll sweep a color over an area but some faces almost completely disregard adding color to that area. At first i thought that it was an UVMap issue but i went in and added some seams so that i could make sure there was room for paint on the faces and even still they don’t really care. I tried flipping the direction of the area aswell, and that also did not solve it.

anyone know what is going on here?

Thank you oh so much! ^-^

Perhaps you should double-check to make sure your mesh normals are correct and that you have the right material index assigned to those faces, it might be possible because the unpainted area doesn’t include any partially painted faces.

Well, i went and checked out the normals and it does seem that even when recalculated, there are some that face the wrong way. After flipping them back i’m able to paint on those faces, however the color gets lighter within those faces so there is still a hard difference.

I was trying mix brushes, add brushes, and what not and they were all doing about the same thing

I can go ahead and put up the blend file i suppose if that would be of any help to anyone x:
The landscape is made with the ANT Landscape Add on and then i did some sculpting after that and deleted some un needed faces that would be under water.

Although it keeps error-ing when trying to attach the blend file…

So, i was told of a place other people will go to to post their blend files to show to others, if i heard right i think all i have to do is give this link to get to it?

Sorry if the workspace isn’t overly organized. All it is is one mesh that has a tad bit more vertices than i would have liked it to have s:

But when trying to texture it, around the riverbeds in the middle, they will not be painted on correctly with texture paint.
if you switch normals around you may be able to paint on it but it wont be the same color as what is painted on around it.


Your unwrap is not good - you projected from view, so there are faces overlapping because they go straight down. Unwrap with some seams in places that you would cut to lay the image down as if it was a piece of paper, that way you can paint solidly on all faces. Also, add your image to a material and pack it next time so we can see the painting you have done - and also, remember to save that painting with F3 in the uv image editor before packing.

I had thought the same thing at first. In the first post i started this thread with you can see that i included a section of the UV map off to the side.

But you are right about applying the image and things before sharing the file. That would have made more sense x:

Here I made video on fixing your UV’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMy55dbwvhM&feature=youtu.be
Also i figured out your texturing problem its seem like it is a view port shading problem when i go to the display an change it to GLSL shading it disappears. For GLSL you have to set up material and textures to see stuff in the view port and the view port shading set to textured.

Wow Ziggyv!
Thank you so much for making a video on how to solve the problem!
i feel like i wish saying thank you meant more because this has really made my day! xD

I got a big project planned and when i’m working bymyself these walls i hit can get so frustrating. It’s so nice to have the problem solved, and i really appreciate that you went out of your way to make a video on how to do so.
I never even knew that there was such thing as a UV sculpt and i watched in amazement as you effortlessly fixed my UV map with it xD

And then once i switched to GLSL everything seemed to work perfectly :smiley:
I’m going to have to look up on what GLSL is to try and understand it better then so i know when to use it (:

Thank you so much Ziggy! ^-^

Your Welcome!:cool:

I’m glad to help and I hope to see more of your big project.

If you need anymore help send me a message on Skype my username is ZiggyVanSmarty like my youtube username.