Unparented object moves as though parented?

Hello, I am working on my old file, and when I move this characters chestpiece, the ribs move as well, but I cannot figure out why. I have removed any parent relationship of both ribs and chest, and I don’t know what else kind of properties these objects have that tie them together. How can I find out? The ribs move at maybe twice the distance than the chest piece, but only in the Y axis. If I delete the chest piece, the ribs rotate. They are all seperate objects.

Hard to say without file, but anything in the ribs modifiers tab ?

I have mirror modifiers on each rib and the chest piece.

I have put the file on dropbox, if you are interested. Sorry it is messy and bad, I am learning a lot https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1j5t13u186mgtp/vr%20Avatar%202019-06-01.blend?dl=0

Your mirror modifier on the ribs is set to use the body. so if you move the body the mirror point moves too.


The small feathers appearing dark around the neck is because they have inverted normals. Fixable in edit mode with ctrl+shift+n

The main issue causing your problems is that the three rib objects share the same mesh data:

Click that number button for two of the three rib objects to make them all single-user.

Then you can apply their Mirror modifiers, and the connection will be broken from the chest-piece (named “body”), which is set as the origin for the mirroring axis:

Maybe better - once the rib objects have been made single-user you can apply their rotations and use their own origins as the axis reference for their respective Mirror modifiers.

In that case you would just need to delete the “body” from their Mirror object fields, and then set the rib’s origins to the center point of the character (since they’re slightly offset).

Hope that helps in understanding the issue… but if you want to skip the steps mentioned above, and just use a fixed version of the file (using the second option), here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgdjc1kpu04utg1/vr%20Avatar%202019-06-01_mod.zip?dl=0

Thanks for the reply, it was confusing me a lot!

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You’re welcome!