unparenting an object and keeping the animation

hello im making an animation… ive animated a tree trunk with the leaves all parented to it. but i at a piticular part i want the leaves to deteach from the tree and keep the animation. but every time i unparent it the object is able to keep the transformation but not the animation

You might want to use constraints rather than parenting.

not exactly sure how to do that

could someone show me how to use constraimts. ive done a bit of it but not really sure how to use it properly

I guess he is referring to the “track to”- constraint.

Just use an empty for the animation and track the leaves and the stem in object mode to the animated empty.

Then you don’t have to use parenting for keeping the parts together.

ok um i tried that… it did work the way i wanted it to. when ever i moved the empty it followed it by rotation and not location

Copy translation and copy rotation constraints can also be used. There is a whole list of constraints in the drop down, I suggest checking them out and seeing what works best for you.

What if you are using

Copy Location : Copies the location of the target (with an optional offset) to the owner, so that both move together. Copy Rotation :Copies the rotation of the target (with an optional offset) to the owner, so that both rotate together. Copy Scale :Copies the scale of the target (with an optional offset) to the owner, so that both scale together.


Just add an Empty to the standard scene and move it to a convenient place . Select the standard cube and add a “Copy Rotation” constraint. Select the empty in the target box. Now if you select the Empty, the cube will follow any rotation.

As the constraint is defined in an object you can use the same Empty on different objects of your model. Or use different empties like Copy Rotation and CopyScale on one object.

And there is no need to unparent an object for animation.

oh… ok awesome thanks everyone