Unparenting objects along animation

Hi all
Is there a way to Unparent two objects along an animation?
It helps me to parent them at the beginning of the sequence but later I want to take them apart.


Instead of using parenting to hold them together, use a CopyLocation constraint on the child. By default, the influence will be 1.0 which will hold the two objects together like parenting, but when it comes time for the objects to separate, you can animate the influence parameter of the CopyLocation constraint from 1.0 to 0.0 and the second object will be free from the parent again.

Thanks for the answer Atom
When I set the influence back to 0 in one of the object’s Keyframes, the object moves back to its’ original place.
Is there a way to make the object stay in it’s last position? I would like to make it copy the location of another object from that position…

Add an empty where you want your object to remain; then you need to add another copy location constraint to your object but this time choose the Empty as the target and change the influence from 1 to 0. You can now animate the influence parameter from 1 to 0 for your original target and the influence parameter from 0 to 1 for the Empty target.