Unparenting parent made with GUI

in blender 2.49 when i try to remove a parent in the game engine, it only works when the parent was made inside of the game engine as opposed to having made the parent in the GUI. My question is, is there any way to remove the parent even though the parent was made before the game has been started?

trigger-------------------------------and-------------------------------------parent actuator -remove parent

w8 I am not sure about 2.49 as I use 2.6x

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this doesnt work if the parent is set in the GUI. It only works if the parent is set at runtime. I want a way to remove the parent in game even though the parent was set earilier in the GUI with ctrl+P

that is odd, Sticking with 2.49 for scripts?

what are you working on

I may be able to help you do it yourself,
with less python and more logic

in 2.6x

O delete both and spawn two new? if you do this with the right timing it will look fine

or have you tried python?:slight_smile: