Unpopular opinion: How many of you like me will be sticking with 2.79 for a long looooong time?

(Lump) #21

I’m not using Blender for production a lot but for education and experimenting and so I already use 2.80 for 99 percent. Except for Node Wrangler I don’t use Add-Ons much. If I would use Blender for production I would stick to 2.79 and wait until (long) after the final release before I would use 2.80. For game development (mostly experimental) I use Unreal Editor and Unity because they are much more advanced. Unreal’s Blueprints are node based so pretty easy to use.

(tyrant monkey) #22

I am already doing some dynamic topology sculpting in 2.8 I love the new matcaps I haven’t done any poly modeling and rigging though.

(Romanji) #23

Makes no sense to switch fully to 2.8 when 85% of all addons are still missing.
2.8 is still unstable, i hate crashes.
The UI is still not really finished.
Whats with the tool properties panel? Its still stuck to the lower end of the screen. The last operator settings should be also in the active tool panel of the property editor.
Its pure aesthetics, but i refuse to use Blender in this half-ready state.
As of now i only use 2.8 as an Renderer when i need the functionality of the superior workbench engine or Eevee.

(drgci) #24

I didn’t have encountered any crashes in the latest builds it’s quite stable but it’s slow in the animation playback

(Safetyman) #25

You guys don’t like the “Quick Favorites” feature? Makes it so you don’t have to learn new shortcut keys and can save all your frequently used tools in one place.

(JuhaW) #26

Because of Vray for Blender builds are v2.79

(FreeMind) #27

I’d jump to 2.8 as soon as it’s stable enough. For me, It’s better in almost every way.

Don’t worry about addons too much, they will be ported. And I think they will be better than ever when that’s done.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #28

It’s not so much bad as it is underwhelming. It would have been awesome if we could instead make any number of our own menus, and edit default ones too.


If you want to experience a crash in 2.8 for the heck of it, import a glTF, have it selected, then click the Material (icon) button on the right. Crash to desktop every time… even today’s release…

(kabu) #30

I have a lot of things in 2.79 yet. It’s going to take time to port everything, but no problem. Blender 2.80 is waaaay better.

(Antlab) #31

I don’t like the “Quick Favorites” feature. I can understand its use by single advanced users but, from a teaching/learning perspective, it can ben harmful. If someone heavily customizes that menu, then it becomes difficult to follow instructions provided by people with different settings. One of the reasons I already started experimenting with Blender 2.8 is just to learn the new shortcuts, position of elements in the interface, and paradigms.


How does Vray for Blender compare to Vray for 3DS Max from your experience?

(Martynas Žiemys) #33

I love the feature! I think it is going to be one of my most frequently used things. I miss it already in 2.79 from the moment I saw it. However it would not solve the at the moment completely theoretical issue, if there were shortcuts missing, where I want to be able to keep my ‘super powers’ when I sit in front of a random PC with Blender on it. It’s not a huge deal, I will be doing a lot of customization to make Blender 2.80 match my needs and preferences, same as I do with 2.79, but it would be nice if it was a task that I wouldn’t need to spend much time on if I need to just install Blender on a random PC and use it straight away. It’s not a big deal at all.

(Ace Dragon) #34

Has it been reported?

Unless people want to deal with crashes in the final release, the devs. need to know about crashing issues.


Aren’t bugs reported on the dev forum?.. I haven’t gotten quite that far yet with my Blenderosity and/or Blenderousness… Can someone else confirm this bug and possibly submit it? (import gltf/glb, have it selected, click Material icon button… crash!)

(Gtx) #36

Ill stick with 2.79 until 2.8 is crash free, atm its too frustrating and slow (whats the point of real time?).

Seriously I know its beta but they really need to check those. 2.8 is still crashing when I add materials in eevee, or renders buggy animations, or materials get messed up and I need to reload the session because it stays bugged until I quit. Also eevee is slow when I move models around, and this shouldn’t happen, specially with a good rig. Its a long road to go.

(Jason van Gumster) #37

It’s been said before, but if you’re using development software and experiencing crashes, but you’re not reporting those crashes, then you’re going to end up waiting longer for fixes. Developers can’t fix bugs that they don’t know about or can’t reproduce.

(joseph raccoon) #38

Considering I still use a 2.48 on occasion I’m not sure what everyone is so worried about. Seriously Blender has a small footprint and many of the exporters I use for modding games only work in a very specific version of blender, and you know what? That is fine. Hell, many of the generators I use for asset building are on a 2.76 (some of the ones I liked were not updated past that) and you know what? I’m cool with that.

So will I be using 2.79 for quite a while? Yes. I have my tested and modded fbx exporters on it and until I see something that provides a full replacement I’m not in the mood to sink a thousand hours reinventing the wheel, I have better things to do.

(Gtx) #39

Im reporting them here like i’ve seen other people doing. If theres other place let me know. Most of the bugs happen randomly tbh but Ive noticed if I have the eevee viewport turned on, chances are its going to crash when I add color/placement materials.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #40